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About WAMS Society

WAMS Society is a professional global community of technical students, research scholars, scientists and academicians engaged in research and development of Wireless communication technologies, RF& microwave technologies, and Antenna systems. This society is associated with Wireless, Antenna & Microwave Symposium (WAMS) that will be held on an annual basis at educational institutions across India. Match your technical interests by joining WAMS society and take advantage of membership benefits on WAMS registration discount and also network with colleagues and experts locally and abroad. Various levels of memberships are available based on your experience and eligibility. There is only one time payment associated with the life membership, except for the student membership. A certificate of recognition for members will be given during the annual symposium held during summer at an educational institute. Members are eligible for a 10% discount for all WAMS conferences

Category Qualification Joining Fee (One Time)
Student Member
Undergoing B.Tech/ M.Tech/ Ph.D
1000 INR (or) 30 USD
Life Member
Professional in the area of W/A/M
3000 INR (or) 60 USD
Life Senior Member
(Elevated from Member)
Professional in the area of W/A/M +5 years membership
4000 INR (or) 80 USD
Life Senior Member
(Direct Joining)
Professional in the area of W/A/M with significant contribution through
publication / patents (minimum 10 years experience after graduation)
5000 INR (or) 100 USD
Life Fellow
(Elevated from Senior member)
Professional in the area W/A/M with significant technical contribution + 5 years
membership as Life senior member. Proven record of publications /patents and international reputation
6000 INR (or) 130 USD
Life Fellow
(Direct Joining)
Professional in the area W/A/M with significant technical contribution
(20 years experience post Ph.D) with international reputation
8000 INR (or) 120 USD
Honorary Fellow
Selected by WAMS Ex. Comm. based on contributions to WAMS Society
and proven international recognition
0 INR (or) 0 USD

WAMS Society Membership Registration