Women In Engineering

Women In Engineering Special Session

This unique session will allow women professionals and research scholars from industry and academia to propound their work to experts, students and contemporaries in the Wireless, Antenna and Microwave domain. The session also features inspiring expert talks, panel discussions, and networking sessions for women professionals.


This is an exclusive event for women professionals to showcase their novel work carried out in the recent past. We welcome all the women professionals to participate in this event.


• Industry professionals currently working in the Electromagnetic Theory, Simulations, RF and Microwave Antennas, Circuits, and wireless systems domain are eligible to participate.
• The participants should submit their CVs and a page abstract under Women in Microwaves- Special Session on the WAMS website on their work on or before December 27, 2023. Google form will be available on WAMS website
• Shortlisted participants will have to give a 5-minute presentation in WAMS 2024.
• Winners will be awarded a Plaque, a cash prize, and a certificate during the awards banquet.



  • Female students currently pursuing their doctorate or recently completing their Ph.D. in 2023-24 are eligible to apply.
  • The participants must submit a two-page write-up, including an abstract and a brief overview of their work under Women in Microwaves- Special Session on the WAMS website, on or before December 27, 2023. Google form will be available on WAMS website.
  • Shortlisted participants will have to give a 5-minute presentation in WAMS 2024.
  • Winners will be awarded a cash prize, a Plaque, and a certificate during the event.


This award has been constituted exclusively for women professionals from Academia/Industry with exceptional contributions in the field of Wireless, Antenna, and Microwave over a minimum of past ten years.


  • The candidate must submit a full two-page write-up about their achievements/contributions in the Wireless, antenna, and microwave domain under Women in Microwaves- Special Session on the WAMS website on or before December 27, 2023. Google form will be available on WAMS website.
  • The awardee shall receive a cash prize, a Plaque, and a certificate during the event.

speakers for the WIE session

Dr. Balamati Choudhury

Prinicipal Scientist, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore

Dr.Madhumita Chakravarti

Director, CMSDS, DRDO, Kolkata

Prof.Binsu J Kailath

IIITDM kancheepuram

Dr. Balamati Choudhury

Prinicipal Scientist, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore

Dr Balamati Choudhury is working as a Scientist at Centre for Electromagnetics of CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India. She obtained her MTech. (ECE) degree from National Institute of Science and Technology, India and Ph.D. (Engg.) degree in Microwave Engineering from Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), India in 2013. During the period of 2006-2008, she was a Senior Lecturer in Department of Electronics and Communication at NIST, Orissa India.

Her active areas of research is on development of high frequency based RCS estimation towards low RCS design of electrically very large structures. More specifically, the topics of the sponsored projects she has contributed to are, development of High Frequency Ray Tracing Techniques towards RF Analysis of Propagation in an Indoor Environment, Low RCS design of aerospace structures, Soft computing based multidisciplinary optimization towards stealth technologies those includes shaping and RAM/RAS materials.

Her other expertise and teaching interests are in the domain of: Soft Computing Techniques in Electromagnetic Design and Optimization, Computational Electromagnetics for Aerospace Applications, Metamaterial Design Applications, RF and Microwaves, Conformal Antennas. She was receipient of ICCCES/ Outstanding Young Investigator Award for the year 2016-2017 for her contributions in Metamaterial Science. She was also the recipient of the CSIR-NAL Young Scientist Award for the year 2013-2014 for her contribution in the area of Computational Electromagnetics for Aerospace Applications.

Dr. Balamati has authored or co-authored over 150 scientific research papers and technical reports, besides two books, five Springer Briefs and three book chapters. The book entitled: Soft Computing in Electromagnetics: Methods and Applications have been published by the Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2015). Another Book “Metamaterial Inspired Electromagnetic Applications: Role of Intelligent Systems” has been published by Springer, Singapore. She was the author of five SpringerBriefs published by Springer, Germany which covers all the cutting edge technologies such as Terahertz technology, invisibility cloaking and HF ray based methods for space applications. She has also book chapters in a monograph entitled: Recent Advances in Metamaterial Science and Technology (Tech Science Press, USA, 2015), which is in press.

Dr. Balamati is also an Assistant Professor of the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (ACSIR), New Delhi, which is a university constituted by an act of Indian Parliament.

Prof.Binsu J Kailath

IIITDM kancheepuram

Prof. Binsu J Kailath is a distinguished figure in the field of electronics engineering, specializing in microelectronics and VLSI design. She earned her B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Calicut in 1992, laying the foundation for her academic journey.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Prof. Kailath earned an M.Tech. in MicroElectronics and VLSI Design from IIT Madras in 2001, showcasing her commitment to excellence in the realm of technology. Her academic journey reached its pinnacle with a Ph.D. in Ultra Thin Oxide MOS Devices from the same institution between 2003 and 2007.

Armed with a solid academic background, Prof. Kailath ventured into the realm of teaching, contributing eight years to the Electronics Engineering department at the College of Engineering, Chengannur, Kerala. Her dedication to education continued as she assumed the role of a faculty member in Electronics Engineering at IIITDM Kancheepuram from October 2008 onwards.

In the realm of industry, Prof. Kailath has been a trailblazer in neuromorphic circuit design, demonstrating her expertise in both analog and digital circuitry. Her accomplishments include the completion of a Switch Capacitor circuit simulator, ongoing work on a Sigma Delta ADC, and the design and fabrication of a Composite PFD based PLL under the sponsorship of MeitY.

Her contributions extend beyond circuit design, encompassing projects such as the fabrication, characterization, and extraction of conduction mechanisms in SiC MIS Capacitors with High-k dielectrics. Prof. Kailath played a vital role in the completion of a sponsored project titled “Novel Oxidation Techniques for improvement in the Electrical properties of Ultra-thin SiO2 for VLSI technology.”

Her extensive research portfolio includes completed studies on novel gate oxidation techniques, high-k gate dielectrics, laser-induced oxidation, rapid thermal oxidation technique, and the optimization of HNO3 vapor oxidation technique. Prof. Binsu J Kailath’s work has significantly contributed to the understanding and advancement of MOS devices, paving the way for future innovations in microelectronics.

With a career marked by a seamless blend of academic excellence and groundbreaking industry contributions, Prof. Binsu J Kailath stands as a beacon in the world of electronics engineering, leaving an indelible mark on both education and technology.


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